Hey, I'm Alex,

I love creating amazing experiences for lovely people. I love helping people refine their skills and learn new things to help them make and share more of what they love.

I'm a graphic designer, maker, marketer and events organiser. I work on the team at Vector Etch, where my love of laser cutting design and jewellery making has developed.

I run a community of specialty coffee appreciators called TheMonday and help host monthly events for CreativeMornings/Brisbane.

You’ll find me at music gigs, at cafes drinking really nice coffee, nerding out on marketing strategies and data, and drinking craft beer and wine with mates.

I enjoy meeting new people and travelling, so can’t wait to explore more places and bring the workshops to cool makers, creators and jewellery appreciators.

If you have an idea for a collaboration, workshop or product you’d like to see, send me a message! Always keen to catch up for coffee or a beer. Hit me up where I'm most active, on my Facebook page.