Learn to design your own laser cutting files for acrylic jewellery in this easy to follow online course.


It’s time you turned those cool ideas into reality. Learn how to bring your sketchbook to life with laser cutting.


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This course is built for you to learn from scratch, be replayed, and hold your hand all the way.


I’ll walk you through step by step of how I design highly efficient and precise laser cutting files and how you can too. You only learn what you need to know —zero fluff.



There are two types of people for this course.



You are using basic acrylic pieces now for your jewellery business, but you’re always dreaming about designing your own shapes. You’ve developed your style, now it’s time to take action.

  • You want to expand your range

  • You don’t want to relay your ideas to someone else to design for you

  • You want to confidently design, without second guessing if you’re doing it right

  • You know that your business will evolve with your new design skills


Artists & Designers

You’ve developed your style, and you know your illustrations are ready to become wearable art.

  • You want to confidently transform your artwork into laser cutting designs

  • You know the basics of design, but laser cutters are scary

  • You design for clients and want to offer laser cutting design to your service offering

  • You want to get the most out of Adobe® Illustrator® software for your laser cutting



From first-watch to replays, these how-to videos, checklists and tools will keep you on track.

Lesson 1: Workspace Foundation

Learning the basics of Adobe® Illustrator® software that is relevant for designing laser cutting files. This will give you an understanding of how things work, what tools are helpful and how you can use them for your creations. You’ll create your own Ideal Laser Cutting Workspace for efficient and precise designing.

Lesson 2: Drawing and Designing Simple Shapes

From your idea through to the perfect digital shape! We’ll explore two methods to create simple shapes, from pen and paper, to using tools to create the shapes you want.

Lesson 3: Engraving Your Shapes

Add depth, texture and character to your designs with engraving. You’ll learn to convert sketches and ideas to digital engraving marks for truly unique designs.

Lesson 4: Refining Your Design

From points to paths, you’ll learn techniques (and how to use the right tools) to level up your abilities.

Lesson 5: Lay Out Your Sheet

This lesson plays a big part in how your file is actually laser cut. You’ll learn the strategies to efficiently reflect, tessellate and rotate your designs to precisely lay out your designed pieces.

Lesson 6: Let’s Laser Cut

The title doesn’t lie, it’s laser cutting time! You’ll learn how to analyse and check your design file so you’ll be confident that it’s ready to cut.



Holding your hand.

Live Studio Hour with Alex - Lazer Unicorn

Let’s talk it through. If you have questions on any part, this is the time. During this 6-week course, once a week you’ll be able to ask questions you have about your designing journey. You’ll also be a fly on the wall to questions and knowledge shared by other people in the course.

Forever Access to Resource Library

Templates, automation actions, process road maps and tools, with videos on how to use them — go back and re-watch whenever, forever.

Insights from Vector Etch & My Little Acrylic Shop

With insights on working with the founders, designers and laser cutting technicians at Vector Etch, I’ll share with you how to best order for your laser cutting needs. From choosing materials, template shapes and setting up your orders at Vector Etch. For those who have your own laser cutting machine, I can share my material knowledge with you, and help you order for your projects at My Little Acrylic Shop.

First Access to New Courses & Products

You’ll receive first access to course expansion packs, one-on-one sessions, in person experiences, new products and hands-on making days.

Course Schedule & Price

Class starts on 

November 12th, 2019

6-week course

$799 AUD [limited time only]

Secure your spot by Sunday, 10th November.

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Why I made this course—

“I learned how to design jewellery by jumping into a laser cutting design role at Vector Etch, where I set up design files and laser cut for makers around the world. Making my own earrings and brooches for myself brought me joy and a sense of fulfilment, but I felt there was more I could do for the industry and the beautiful people in it.

I started running workshops to make earrings with people who truly love the art form. Throughout the hundreds of workshops, I had many people asking how to laser cut their own. I created a design class for groups as well as one-on-one sessions to share my processes, which has helped people refine their skills and feel confident to create their own files.

The next step was to make it available for Makers and artists of different skill levels from all over, so I’m putting it all in this online course to make that possible. My aim is to make it accessible to learn how to design laser cut pieces. Everything I do is about being efficient and precise (and of course a little bit fun) and I want to be able to share all of that with you!”

Alex Lawton, Lazer Unicorn



What software is used for this course?

Adobe® Illustrator® software is used for this course, as it’s the software that speaks to the laser cutting machine to tell it where to engrave and laser cut.

Do you guide us through how to download Adobe® Illustrator® software?

The software is available for download via Adobe®. I have instructions on how to download Adobe® Illustrator® software via the 3-day Make Your Start free mini-course. There’s a free 7 day trial, afterwards is available for purchase on an annual or monthly subscription. You can sign up for free here. Make Your Start opens Tuesday, 22nd October.

I suck at technology and don’t think I’ll be able to follow along?

We all suck when we first start something new. That’s okay. Initially it may be uncomfortable, but I’m here to hold your hand (virtually) and show you only what you need to know to limit the overwhelm. After watching over my shoulder, starting hands-on with a practice file, you’ll have what it takes to bring your designs to life. I have helped people from complete beginner through to advanced graphic designers to become confident with creating laser cutting files.

Is this course going to teach me how to be creative, or is it about learning how to set up the ideas I already have?

This is a course that brings your creative ideas to life. This is not a course to learn how to be creative or how to draw. The course will explore the technical skills and method to allow you to create efficient and precise laser cutting vector files every time.

Will I learn how to create multi-piece, layered designs that interlock?

This course is to learn the basics, and to create your own single layered designs. Whilst you will learn the tools used to do some basic multi-piece designs, a course will be released in the future to explore the intricacies of these advanced skills. Keep an eye out for this in the future!

So what skills are covered in this course?

You will leave with an understanding of how laser cutting files need to be set up, with insights and knowledge from an industry professional with years of designing and laser cutting acrylic jewellery. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Adobe® Illustrator® software to bring your earring design ideas to life.

Do I get access to every lesson at once? 

The course structure is thoughtfully considered, so you’re delivered this course in bite-sized pieces. Once the lessons are all done, you have access to all of them forever.

What if I’m not available to attend the live online workshops?

The online workshops are recorded and will be available for you after the original online class takes place. Please allow 2-3 days for videos to be released after they are recorded.

Is there an expiration on my access to the course?

These lessons, videos and resources are yours forever. In the event they’re taken down, I’ll let you know via email, or if the internet dies for everyone, I think we’ll have a bigger problem on our hands.

How is this online course presented?

This course will be presented through an easy to use online platform called Teachery. We all learn differently, so I’ve included multiple ways to learn, from videos through to worksheets, with resources at your fingertips to access any time.

Class starts on 

November 12th, 2019

6-week course

$799 AUD [limited time only]

Secure your spot by Sunday, 10th November.

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