Designing for Laser Cut Jewellery


Want to learn how to create your own vector files for Laser Cutting?


Hey, I’m Alex (aka Lazer Unicorn), and I want to help you feel confident in your laser cut jewellery design process and file setup.

I work with acrylic and laser cut jewellery makers from around Australia, helping to ensure their designs and files are made to perfection, which makes ordering easy and efficient, while cutting costs in the process!

I love the technical side of design and laser cutting, and really enjoy teaching it too. So I’d love to share my knowledge with you, whether it’s for earrings, brooches, or converting your art into necklaces.


Alex Lawton – Lazer Unicorn
Laser Cutting Designer


How you can learn

Starts soon: Lazer Design School

Want to learn Design for Laser Cut Jewellery at your own pace in the comfort of your own home? You can now enrol for the online course full of how-to videos and lessons for you to learn. Class starts on November 12th.


Group Sessions

Together we’ll learn the principals of designing laser cut jewellery, engage in some hands-on jewellery making, while sharing my best tips and tricks when it comes to design and construction (Perth, with Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney to come)


One-on-one Sessions

This is for serious makers who are ready to take their jewellery to a new level of polish and efficiency. If you have already been designing laser files / working with a designer and you are looking to streamline the process and advance your skills, this will be the session for you.


“I now understand the making process for laser cut plastic preciousness and am the proud owner of a swag of goodies I put together myself. Alex and her team are hilarious hosts, the venue was cute and cosy and amazing value for the cost of the workshop. I’ll be attending again!”

– Sasha Pea


Next Sessions


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Enter your details below if you think you may be right to learn Design for Laser Cutting from Alex Lawton (Lazer Unicorn). I have an application criteria and always check if it’s a good fit for both of us. This helps to ensure you get value from my classes and I will know how I’m able to best help you!

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