Powerful Woman Rose Brooch

Powerful Woman Rose Brooch


This beauty represents the powerful women in my life. There’s so many and this is a tribute to you all. 💗

I made some of these for Mother’s Day to remind all of the beautiful women in my family they’re resilient and incredible each day 💗

I had many requests to make more of these, so here they are, for a limited release 💗

The brooches come in three colour variants to suit the powerful woman you are:

  • wooden, for the natural, earthy power

  • rose red and hand painted with silver, for the strong lover and carer

  • bewildered black and hand painted with metallic pink and light pink, for the fierce and wild

NOTE: Please choose which colour you want as you add to cart.

Size is 62mm wide x 54mm high with a 25mm brooch back.

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