I’m so excited to see you land on this page, as it means you’re one step closer to having Lazer Unicorn creations in your store. I am so grateful to have supporters like you! 

A bit about me, so you know how I work and my expertise, to help you gain clearer expectations. I’m no 9-5 worker, but I am in the Vector Etch studio on the daily helping our customers all around the world bring their laser cut jewellery creations to life. I’m a marketing consultant and graphic designer.

I run events for CreativeMornings/Brisbane, TheMonday Specialty Coffee Community, product launches for creative friends and my own Lazer Unicorn workshops. I love educating crafters and makers, and bringing creative people together.

I love good customer experience and feedback, so anytime I can help create a greater experience for you as a stockist, I would love to hear your ideas.



Authorised Stockist

  • I will consider both outright wholesale purchases and consignment stockists.

  • I would like to discuss your system, market fit and how we can work together to ensure a good outcome for both parties.

  • I’ll list your Stockist details on my website once authorised.



  • The items listed on my website may change at any time.

  • Products come as is. They can not be modified, or sold in parts.

  • Please be aware that actual colours may differ slightly from their onscreen appearance, as it depends on your monitor settings (and my photography editing / skills) and is not under my control.

  • Lazer Unicorn creations are designed, laser cut and hand assembled (and sometimes hand painted too) in Brisbane. Handmade means sometimes items differ slightly from images, any major changes and I'll let you know once your order is placed.

  • If you want to order more than the quantity currently listed on my website, please send me an email requiring what you’d like.

  • If you would like to customise or have creations in a different colour way, I am happy to discuss if we can make this happen. #collab

  • I can create exclusive products / ranges for your store and/or area.

  • Custom or exclusive products require full payment upfront, prior to making.



  • I suggest a RRP for each product, it’s up to you what price you want to set.

  • I don’t do ‘sales’ or ‘discounts’ within my business, unless it’s an introductory price to reward the first buyers (this may extend to customers and/or stockists). This is out of respect for my stockist, so customers don’t opt to buy directly from me for the sale price.

  • Feel free to include my products in your sales / discounts, however the the wholesale price is set based upon my RRP.


Minimum Orders, Timeframes and Ownership

  • Minimum stockist orders are for $200+ ($400 of RRP)

  • For outright stockists, there’s a discount code you can apply upon checkout which applies 50% off your order to give you wholesale pricing. When you make a purchase using this code, it means you agree to the guidelines set on this page.

  • For consignment stockists, please email me with your order of products. When you place an order, it means you agree to the guidelines set on this page.

  • When purchasing outright, you own the stock and can not return the stock back to me if it doesn’t sell. However, please contact me if it’s not selling and I’d be happy to discuss ways to change that.

  • Orders may take up to 2 weeks for stockist purchases to be made and sent to you. All orders received by December 4th will be shipped by Express Post / Courier by December 10th to arrive prior to Christmas.

  • Please let me know urgency or timeframes, and I’ll see if I can accommodate.


Marketing, Design and Imagery

  • It’s in my best interest to promo you, as my stockist, so I’d love to hear from you about events and promotions, to pass onto Lazer Unicorn customers.

  • I’m open to launches, workshops, collaborations and events in store. Let's chat if you're interested.

  • Please let me know any feedback or requests regarding photography of products, how I can help you with marketing and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


Stockist Instructions

  1. Create an account here. This way you can see your past orders in the future.

  2. View the shop here and add items to your cart. The shop is currently closed to the public and only stockists may order until December 4th.

  3. For outright orders, please use discount code WHOLESALE for access to my wholesale rates. When you apply the discount, it means you agree to the above terms.

  4. Items will be shipped to you via Courier / Express Post.