Designing Laser Cut Jewellery Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to help fellow jewellery makers feel confident knowing what to do for designing laser cut files. I love the technical side of design and laser cutting, and really enjoy teaching it too. So I’d love to share my knowledge with you, whether it’s for earrings, brooches, or converting your art into necklaces.

I’ll share my tips and techniques. During the workshop we’ll customise and assemble a layered brooch, which gives some hands-on learning too. Then as a group, we’ll do a Q&A on everything you’ve been wanting to know about laser cutting.


What’s included:

  • 3 Hour Workshop with Alex Lawton of Lazer Unicorn

  • Learn the process of designing single shapes, and designs from hand drawn sketches

  • Make a Lazer Unicorn layered brooch - a hands-on learning experience, to see how layered multi-piece jewellery is made and assembled

  • Tips and techniques - to simplify and streamline the design process

  • Q & A - Ask any questions you have about designing and laser cutting


The details:


Meet Alex Lawton—
Your Laser Cutting Designer


Hey, I'm Alex. I'm a nerdy dork about laser cutting, the technical side of designing as well as marketing. 

In 2017, I started my journey into laser cutting as the first employee at Vector Etch, where we specialise in laser cutting for acrylic jewellery. I've been teaching workshops since I was 12 in the arts and crafts area, as well as tutoring university students in marketing, accountancy, design and economics, so it's only natural I continued this in acrylic land as Lazer Unicorn and soon to be The Maker Approach.

I run events including CreativeMornings, TEDx, TheMonday Specialty Coffee Community as well as having now have held over 20 workshops for Lazer Unicorn right across Australia.

Is this right for you?

You make jewellery now, and have dabbled in a little bit of drawing and digital design. You’re interested in learning to make laser cut shapes using vectors. You are open to learn, and hands-on in person is the way you learn best.


Who is this not right for?

If the thought of the designing digitally makes your skin crawl and computers are not your friend, this may not be the right class for you. There’s many ways of creating acrylic laser cut jewellery, including buying templates or working with a laser cutting designer to help bring your ideas to life.


A one-on-one workshop may be best for those who’ve been designing laser cut jewellery already and really want to hone your skills. I have a one-on-one class available (only one in Perth). In the one-on-one we go through your process and streamline it, and teach you any knowledge gaps you may have.

I’m currently working on an online course from basic to advanced skill sets.

Click here to let me know where you’re at so I can create a suitable one-on-one or online course for you.

Prefer a one-on-one workshop or online course?


Ready to book a one-on-one: