Perth Workshops


~ Next Earring Making Workshops ~

These workshops have been created to give you the opportunity to make with your own hands. You may surprise yourself with your creativity, discover something new, or meet a lovely person. Some say these workshops are relaxing, others say they’ve learned a new skill set. Regardless of what you take from it, you’ll walk away with some things to take home—objects you’ve created yourself!

Workshops sponsored by Vector Etch, a laser cutting service for artists and designers.




Saturday, 13/07/19 10:00am to 12:30pm

Peaches, watermelon, lemons, bananas, oranges and apples are on the menu. Wear your fruit salad with pride by making your own fruit earrings. Bright and pastel coloured acrylic are engraved and laser cut into curated pieces for you to choose from. You’ll customise the acrylic pieces with paint, make, and layer in the way you want to make dainty studs or large statement earrings.

Whether you’re an earring lover or maker, you’ll learn new skills of paint filling engraving, arranging pieces and laying out designs to form balanced statement earrings.

What you’ll make:

  • You’ll create four pairs of customised acrylic earrings 

  • You’ll take home an earring board

Location: TBA, Perth

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Saturday, 13/07/19 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Love native flora and fauna? Love earrings? In this workshop, you'll create two pairs of beautiful earring made from laser cut acrylic, customised by you.

The workshop is designed by Brisbane artists, Gabrielle Slater and Alex Lawton (Lazer Unicorn).

What you’ll make:

  • You’ll create four pairs of customised acrylic earrings 

  • You’ll take home an earring board

Location: TBA, Perth


About your workshop host, Alex—


Hey, I’m Alex. I’m a laser cutting designer and host creative events. I love live music, spreadsheets, specialty coffee, Galaga, typography and architecture.

I love creating workshops and experiences for people to connect with their creativity and gain skills making with their hands. I’ve been teaching craft workshops from card making, invitation making and scrapbooking since I was 12. Now my designs are stocked in stores, and more than 100 people have attended these earring making workshops around Australia.


Don’t think of yourself as crafty or creative? It’ll be awesome to make something with your own hands and prove to yourself you are creative — everyone has it in them. I have heaps of inspiration to share with you during the workshop, so don’t fret!

I’m coming to the workshop by myself, will that be weird? Not at all, there’s been more people fly solo than not. It’s safe to say you’ll enjoy yourself, and may make a new friend. I’m also there, and I’m pretty chatty and friendly.